Print Management

Rethink Printing

Print Management

Merc Sytems SA is the enterprise print management solution that embodies versatility and power. Able to integrate seamlessly into any environment, with or without print servers, PrinterLogic allows you to centrally manage each and every networked printer in your organization from a single pane of glass

Eliminate Print Servers

Our mantra is “Eliminate Print Servers.” Our Enterprise Print Management solution enables you to do just that without losing the benefits traditional print servers provide. Simply copy printers from your existing print servers, silently convert end users already installed printers, and centrally manage direct IP printers with the provided PrinterLogic Administrator. You can also empower your end users to install printers via a self-service web portal with optional floor plan maps, without the need to call the help desk.

Pull Printing

Each year, hundreds of millions of documents are printed and left unclaimed in the enterprise, creating huge waste and expense. And when these unclaimed documents contain sensitive or confidential information, this also creates a huge security risk for organizations of all sizes. Our Pull Printing solution addresses these issues and increases the security of your existing print environment by storing print jobs until the user releases the job at the printer. We work with all printer manufactures and support Control Panel, Badge Scan and Browser release mechanisms.